Year End Corporate Tax Checklist

Please use Every Bean Counts’ Corporate Tax Checklist to help you in putting together the documents that we will require in order to prepare your Financial Statements and Corporate Tax Return in an efficient and effective manner. Review the following information and feel free to call if you have any questions in regards to this. If Every Bean Counts completes your bookkeeping throughout the year please have the following ready within one month of the company’s yearend date:

  • The final batch of receipts, invoices and bank statements for the company so that we can finish the bookkeeping for the year

If Every Bean Count completes your bookkeeping on a yearly basis please have the following ready within 3 weeks of the company’s yearend date:

  • All receipts, invoices and bank statements for the year so that all bookkeeping can be brought up to date – please provide this within 3 weeks of your year end to ensure that the bookkeeping will be completed with adequate time to prepare the financial statements and tax return before the Canada Revenue Agency’s filing and payment deadlines.

If your company does its own bookkeeping please have the following ready within six weeks of the company’s yearend date:

  • Disks containing your bookkeeping records for the year, and any passwords required to access the information.
  • Last bank statement for the year and bank reconciliation.
  • Copies of your insurance policies for the year
  • List of capital assets as well as any receipts for assets that have been bought or sold during the year
  • List of your inventory (if applicable) that you counted at year end – please indicate the date at which the inventory was counted
  • An accounts receivable listing at year end – please indicate any amounts you feel may not be collectible
  • An accounts payable listing at year end
  • Copies of GST Returns for the year
  • Copies of any loan documents or lease agreements

For ALL companies:

  • Please indicate if there has been a change in the shareholders of the company including percentage ownership of each person and SIN’s for each person who owns more than 10%.
  • Copy of last years’ tax return if this is your first year with Every Bean Counts
  • Certificate of incorporation if you have not already provided one to Every Bean Counts
  • Subsequent bank statement so we can check if the outstanding cheques or deposits have cleared
  • Home office expenses – If your company has a home based office please record the square footage used for business purposes as well as total square footage of the home.
  • Mileage amounts that have not yet been recorded in the company’s bookkeeping for personally owned vehicles that are used for business purposes. Please give only business use portion.

At Every Bean Counts we guarantee that we will have your financial statements and tax returns completed before the Canada Revenue Agency’s deadline for tax payments and filing, if all applicable records are received by the timelines indicated above and payment is made in full.

It is a pleasure to be of service to you. We look forward to our continuing relationship with you in helping to bring your business to the next level of success because… Every Bean Counts.