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Environmentally Friendly Endeavors & Community Initiatives

Environmental Initiatives
While Every Bean Counts is already an environmentally friendly company, with relatively little printing, refuse production or utility usage, we endeavor to give back to the environment through the following steps:

  • Recycling all plastics, cardboards, bottles and cans, and non-confidential papers
  • Recycling bins used at all workstations
  • Computers and monitors turned off at night
  • Use of recycled or remanufactured office supplies when available and appropriate
  • Implementation of Paperless Office Program,  printing only when necessary
  • Use of energy efficient or Energy Star products when possible
  • During the summer of 2017 we aimed to plant at least 150 tree seeds for every 1 tree that we have used (in paper) since the inception of our company.  Calculations show that we had used only 3 trees over the last 10 years, and we planted almost 2000 Blue Spruce and Douglas Fir seeds that summer.

Community Initiatives

Every Bean Counts is committed to actively supporting our communities. We realize that there is a great need for both financial and volunteer support from the business community. Because of this we proudly donate a portion of net income back to various local charities. We also donate to some international charities and organizations that we find particularly impressive.

After researching various organizations, the Every Bean Counts chooses one or two charities each year to donate its time and money to.

Every Bean Counts is currently donating to:

Hope Mission – a local charity that supports the homeless and underadvantaged through shelters, food, and various community programs.
Dominican Starfish Foundation – an Alberta based charity that builds homes and provides work and initiatives for families living in poverty in the Dominican Republic.
Plan International – an international charity dedicated to equal education for girls abroad. The result is that there is less violent conflict, underage marriages, and trafficking of young girls. 

    Environmentally Responsible, Community Oriented.
    Taking Care of Our Clients, One Bean at a Time.